C3 Business Solutions

What C3 Business Solutions is all about.

We have a mission statement, a vision statement, and a values statement, but our name really says it all: we solve business problems so our clients can grow, prosper, and serve their own customers better.

We’re on a mission to further your mission.

Our Mission Statement:C3 Business Solutions, through partnering with Oracle, 3rd Party Providers and its clients, cost-effectively delivers the best value-added and tailored business solutions in the industry.

How we see ourselves, today and tomorrow.

Our Vision Statement:C3 Business Solutions is and will continue to be a dominant Oracle E-Business Suite service provider in the western region and deliver related product solutions worldwide that are second to none.

The value of our work together.

The longer we work with Oracle, our clients and each other, the better we get at what we do. We have learned the value of focus, continuity, and sticking to what we do best. We have discovered these values:

  • The best solutions emerge from strong relationships with our clients and our partners.
  • Project efficiency increases both our clients’ and C3’s bottom line.
  • Satisfied clients create the best marketing.
  • We deliver value-added business solutions-not slammed in software.
  • Our consultants must be business people first, software specialists second.
  • Knowledge sharing creates improved products, educated consultants, and highly functional businesses.
  • We will not sacrifice our integrity & honesty for profit.

If this page describes the kind of company you prefer to work with, and the kind of work you need done, contact C3 Business Solutions today.