C3 Business Solutions

Why Choose C3 Business Solutions

Worldwide, over 30,000 companies have adopted Oracle E-Business Suite, and hundreds of companies have sprung up to service their needs. Why choose C3 Business Solutions over all the rest?

The answer is experience. We have been working with Oracle E-Business Suite since it was developed, and we are an Oracle Certified Partner. That means that no matter what business challenges you are facing, we have seen them before and know how to bring a proven, step-by-step methodology to bear on them.

Our clients consistently point to three advantages of working with C3: the depth of our experience and problem-solving ability, our functional area expertise, and our Southern California focus.

Work with “smart cats” who solve tough business problems.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has built a “fast cat” for ocean racing. We like to win the big ones for our clients, and we do it by being “smart cats.” We look for elegant, efficient solutions that get you to your goal quickly, with a minimum of disruption. The C3 philosophy is to do it right the first time, to minimize the time and expense of re-work. In recent months, we have tackled tough enterprise software puzzles for our clients in every functional area, in every industry.

Work with a trusted Oracle partner.

C3 Business Solutions is an Oracle Certified Partner, and many of our software solutions are available in the Oracle Solutions Catalog. We have earned our position of trust with the world’s largest software company by providing powerful solutions and excellent service.

Save vital time and real money with our Southern California focus.

Oracle experts are in demand worldwide, but we prefer to work with clients located or headquartered in Southern California. We can be in your office while most consultants are still standing in an airport line, and we prefer to sleep in our own beds when the day is done. Your savings in consultant travel and lodging expenses alone could pay for many improvements in your computer system, to say nothing of decreasing everybody’s carbon footprint.