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“Point Solutions” from C3’s custom software development experts

C3 Point Solutions In our years of solving software problems for Oracle users, we have created a number of solutions worth saving and making available to other clients and the world. Check our list for solutions in the Accounting, Supply Chain and Inventory Management, Manufacturing areas, and also our custom software development tools.

Point Solution Issue Solved Solution Description
C3 Oracle User Documentation

Need user documentation tailored your unique use of the Oracle Applications.

Templated user documentation that is tailored to your unique business processes.

C3 Fax/Email Processor

Need to fax or email a few documents without purchasing a full 3rd party solution.

One-off solution for faxing or emailing a document directly from Oracle applications.

C3 Area Code Update

Need to update Oracle customer records as area codes are changed.

Module updates customer contacts with the correct updated area code.

C3 Customer Credit Limit Update

Manually update customer sales order and total dollar credit limits.

As needed, auto-updates customer credit limits based on user parameters.

C3 Customer Information Summary

Need to see customer history and master data in one place.

View various aspects of the customer in one form including: Buying History, Credit & Addresses.

C3 Letters Of Credit

Need a Letter of Credit tracking system

Manage your letters of credit and related shipments, arrivals and payments. Fully integrates with Purchasing, Receiving, Payables and General Ledger.

C3 Vendor Performance Inquiry

No intelligence on vendor performance.

Displays vendor performance data by item or vendor.

C3 Pending Dashboard

Need a central place to view and drill down on all pending transactions

Delivers a single form for viewing and resolve all pending transactions from sub-ledger modules (e.g. AP, AR, Inventory, WIP, Shipping and GL).

C3 EDI File Gateway

Need integration and tracking from your EDI translator to Oracle Applications

Delivers a file management extension for moving and tracking EDI files from and to Oracle Applications EDI Gateway

C3 Augmenter & Sarbanes-Oxley

Standard Oracle does not give the control needed for SOX compliance.

Identifies and documents activity in applications. Manages segregation of duties and controlling access to various areas in the applications.

Point Solution Issue Solved Solution Description
C3 Custom Bar Code Forms and Labels

Need to print custom bar code forms and labels from Oracle Applications

Ability to develop custom forms and labels for printing from Oracle Applications.

C3 Bar Code Solutions

Capture data without acquiring 3rd party software for a one-off area.

Character based screens that capture data and send it directly to the Oracle database.

C3 Order Change Tracking Module

Need to capture sales order change history that accurately reports bookings.

Records and enables data retrieval of changes made to sales orders, including: Booking, Quantity Change, Price Change, Addition of New Lines and Cancellations.

C3 Hold and Release

Oracle Applications requires that orders be queried individually to review and release holds.

Increases hold management efficiency: display and handle hold actions on all orders in one screen and to see customer balances summary.

C3 OM Tool Kit

Inefficient order to cash cycle; is the process too long?

Improves the order entry, pick, and ship processes by automating processes where the application was not being utilized.

C3 Packing Workbench

Need a way to simplify delivery packing or repacking for shipments

Drag and drop Java workbench for customers using container based shipping. This extension drastically reduces the complexity and time for packing deliveries.

C3 'As of' Receiving Value Form

Inventory does not provide a Receiving Balance as of a specific date.

Displays the Receiving Balance “as of” a user specified date along with a detailed listing of each receiving transaction.

C3 Item Information Screen (Discrete & OPM Versions)

Laborious effort to view item supply, demand, history, pricing and other item data.

Consolidates item data into one easy to read screen with organized tabs for all the item specific data you desire.

C3 ABC Compile

Need an ABC compile ranking based on more complex criteria than offered in Oracle Inventory.

Tool is submitted on demand or as a concurrent request that uses multiple criteria and conditions to generate ABC compile rankings.

Point Solution Issue Solved Solution Description
C3 MRP Family Information

Need to view MRP results and suggestions by product family.

View related items by family and all the MRP suggestions in one consolidated form. Also link back to the Oracle MRP workbench.

C3 OPM MRP Actions Workbench

Looking up one item MRP action at a time in OPM.

Group all your OPM MRP actions by action type and release one or more from the workbench.

C3 OPM Scheduler

Need the ability to visualize the production schedule and make changes.

Module is a visual representation of your production schedule with drag & drop change functionality.

C3 Quality Portal

Limited functionality and flexibility in Oracle’s supplier portal and quality module.

Driven from Oracle Quality, module facilitates a multi-step receiving process; very applicable to companies with overseas vendor shipments.

C3 Outside Processing (OSP) Transaction Expeditor

Multiple forms and modules for process OSP receipts and related WIP completions.

Streamlines the processes for receiving and completing WIP jobs that have the last operation as Outside Processing.

C3 WIP Outside Processing (OSP) PO Inquiry Screen

Multiple forms and/or reports required to access WIP outside process data.

Displays WIP OSP data from multiple source modules. Quickly views all related purchase orders and requisitions for a WIP Job.

C3 Open Job Workbench

Jobs are queried individually to be released, moved or completed.

Manage Oracle WIP jobs using a single html screen. Execute processes for multiple jobs for: releases, moves, printing and completions.

Point Solution Issue Solved Solution Description
C3 Augmenter

Need SOX Compliance Tool for Applications. Need to enhance the look and functionality of core Oracle forms to meet your business requirements without customizing the apps.

Rapid development of form enhancements such as: segregation of duties, audit controls, rules, conditional logic and navigation without customizing your system. C3’s premiere solution to be in control of your Applications.

C3 Augmenter & Sarbanes-Oxley

Standard Oracle does not give the control needed for SOX compliance.

Identifies and documents activity in applications. Manages segregation of duties and controlling access to various areas in the applications.

C3 Data Loaders

Need a template way to load master records

Centralize loader tool for loading master record data (e.g. items, costs, boms, routings, customers and vendors) into multiple instances from templates.

C3 Discoverer Reporting

Need SQL views and templates for reports in Discoverer.

Various view and template reports for use with Discoverer.

C3 Augmenter Workflow

Need to simplify development of unique workflow for Oracle Forms.

Develops unique Notifications, Approvals, Requests, & Execute SQL, while maintaining control with users or responsibilities.


Need rapid web based reporting and data entry functions/features.

By utilizing Oracle Application Express, C3IQ allows users to rapidly develop reports and forms.

Point Solution Issue Solved Solution Description
C3 Point Of Sale

Require a POS solution that fully integrates with an Oracle Applications without redundant master data.

Full touch screen POS that directly integrates and leverages Oracle Applications functionality in Inventory and AR.


Need mobile intelligence for your PDA not already delivered by Oracle

Delivers mobile intelligence screens for sales and executives to track customer orders and inquire on inventory availability while meeting with customers in the field

C3 Discoverer Reporting

Need SQL views and templates for reports in Discoverer.

Various view and template reports for use with Discoverer.