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C3 Services

C3 Business Solutions specializes in the implementation of Oracle Applications for small to mid-sized businesses serving Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties, in Southern California. Our consultants bring a wealth of software implementation and business process knowledge to all of our clients. Each implementation is custom tailored to the needs of each client, leveraging the strengths of the C3i Implementation methodology.

C3 started as an implementer in 1997 with an initial focus and many successes for customers running Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). Today, Oracle’s Application list has expanded immensely through R&D and acquisition. C3 continues to deliver customer value using Oracle Applications but in many more flavors and uses.

Call C3 For Oracle Applications Needs In Southern California

Oracle Applications projects can be tricky. Not only must you know the functional aspects of the applications, but you must also know the underlying technology and all the ways it can be used and configured. You can feel comfortable knowing that C3 Business Solutions has the experience and expertise to handle all that and make sure that you end up with a system that fits your company’s needs.

You can count on C3 as your Oracle solution provider in Southern California to be your trusted advisor in decision-making, as we have decades of business and Oracle Applications knowledge of new Oracle versions, modules, and their integrations.

C3’s primary service area is Southern California serving Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties.

Oracle Applications Implementations

No two implementations are exactly the same, and they are never routine. C3 Business Solutions has proven itself to be a quick, skillful, and efficient implementer for Oracle Applications. We can do complex implementations that require business process re-engineering in traditional form; something quick where configurations and business flows are supplied specific to your industry using Oracle Accelerate; or something in between. We can accommodate whichever using best practices depending upon your needs and budget.

For small to mid-sized businesses, we save you even more time, money, and impact on the business by using Oracle’s Accelerator tool, which uses industry-specific pre-configurations and business flows to expedite implementations. C3 is a reseller of Oracle Applications and a provider of Oracle Accelerator solutions.

Oracle Applications Upgrades

The latest versions of Oracle Applications offer powerful new technology, new functionality, enhanced reporting, and compliance functions. We can train your staff on new functionality, update your customizations, manage the project, and handle all the technical aspects. Our two decades of experience doing upgrades and implementations ensures you the most success with minimal business disruption.

Oracle Project Management

Managing ERP projects is a complex task. The fact that many ERP implementations are marked by enormous cost overruns, missed deadlines, and abandoned projects makes that clear. Perhaps the single most decisive element of ERP success or failure is the knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience of the project manager. An ERP project manager must understand both the business and the technology.

C3 Business Solutions is a proven success in ERP project management. Our industry knowledge lets us understand technology’s impact on the business. We work with business management to ensure a smooth transition into your new ERP.

Custom Development In Southern California By Oracle Applications Experts

If your Oracle Applications no longer fits as well as it should, or your enterprise has new requirements, custom development by C3 Business Solutions may be the answer. C3 can make a precision fitting solution quickly and efficiently.

High-Quality Solutions Grounded In Experience

The quality of a custom solution can only be as good as the developer’s understanding of your industry, your unique needs, and the technology that can address your problem. C3 Business Solutions consultants have years of experience and knowledge of business and Oracle. We are focused purely on Oracle. This means we can give you the best solution in the least amount of time.

C3 provides the right solutions, large or small, precisely tailored to meet your requirements. What is on your list? We are frequently asked for:

  • New or improved reports
  • Modified forms — fields added or removed or moved
  • New business logic added to processes or forms
  • EDI transactions
  • Interfaces to external systems
  • New forms
  • New applications
  • Integration of hardware for bar coding, etc.

For these or any other custom development projects in Southern California, contact C3 Business Solutions today.

Fast And Effective

C3 Business Solutions consultants have implemented hundreds of complete Oracle Applications installations. But we also take custom development seriously, building tools with lasting value. We have created custom development tools and point solutions that have proven themselves to be widely useful, and are now listed in the Oracle Solutions Catalog.

We’re More Than Qualified. We’re Connected.

C3 Business Solutions is an Oracle Applications Certified Partner, a distinction that Oracle only gives to consultants who demonstrate superior product knowledge, technical expertise and a commitment to Oracle.

C3 is also a consulting member of the Oracle Application Express Community. Application Express (APEX) is a rapid web application development tool for the Oracle database. As experts in APEX, we can provide cutting edge development with great cost-efficiency.

What applications do you need developed? The sooner we get started, the sooner your custom applications can be up and running. Contact C3 Business Solutions, your Oracle solution provider serving Los Angeles and Orange County, CA!

C3 Provides Skilled DBA Services In Southern California

When A Good DBA Is Hard To Find, Call C3

DBAs with the knowledge, experience and judgment to do a good job are not easy to find … or to keep. When your DBA needs outrun your in-house staff, why not ask C3 for a custom-tailored solution to your need for DBA services?

C3 Business Solutions has a deep bench of top DBAs serving both Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. They can work on-site or remotely, ongoing or by the project. The right answer might even be a hosted solution, reducing your need for both staff and hardware. C3 has the help you need, and can provide in the most convenient, cost-effective form.

C3’s On-Site Or Remote Oracle DBA Services

We can provide with flexible service levels and packages for:

  • Installations — Oracle Applications, Oracle RDBMS
  • Upgrades — Oracle Applications, Oracle RDBMS
  • Off hours support
  • Full daily Database Administration
    • Concurrent manager maintenance
    • Backup monitoring
    • Database activity reporting
    • Troubleshooting and problem resolution
    • Daily “health check” on your production systems
    • Weekly Performance monitoring
    • Disk space monitoring
    • User management and administration; adding new users, etc.
  • Security and Internal Controls
  • Problem resolution and Oracle Service Request monitoring
  • Database copy-over/Oracle Applications cloning
  • Patch application and troubleshooting
  • Other special projects
    • System assessment
    • Performance tuning
    • Backup and disaster recovery planning
    • Database instance upgrade
    • Platform migration
    • Technology roadmap
    • Tools and technical assistance
    • Security assessments and changes
  • Training for DBAs and Oracle Applications System Administrators

Call C3 Business Solutions now to discuss your DBA needs in Orange County, Los Angeles, Southern California.

Maintain Applications Better For Less.

You’ve Got The Software, Let Us Help You Manage It.

The C3 Business Solutions Power Maintenance Plan helps small to mid-sized businesses in Southern California put their full energy into running your business, while we focus on keeping the Oracle Applications system available, secure and up–to–date. Design your own unique service plan of Oracle Applications support options at affordable monthly rates from the list below.

Oracle Applications Help Desk Support Los Angeles, Orange County

  • Get expert Oracle Applications functional advice
  • Solve and avoid problems
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Easy to use, web enabled help desk system keeps track of task, priorities and progress

Monitor Business Processes

We will monitor, track and resolve issues for all your business processes such as:

  • Interface and Imports
  • GL Balancing
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Concurrent Requests,
  • Etc.

Security, Internal Controls, IT Governance

  • Protect privacy and surety of data
  • Manage security processes employing internal controls
  • Use change management procedures
  • Keep software up-to-date with software releases

Software Management

  • Keep Oracle Applications Software up-to-date with latest patches
  • Maintain Oracle database and technical architecture at optimum level with Oracle Applications
  • Provide testing environments
  • Service level management

Find Out More About The C3 Power Maintenance Plan

With the C3 Power Maintenance Plan you can choose the services you want into your unique plan with predictable, monthly fees. Subscribers to C3’s Power Maintenance Plan also receive significant discounts of C3 products and services.

Contact C3 Business Solutions today to discuss the proper level and scope of the PMP for your company.

Business Management Consulting Los Angeles, Orange County, Southern California

All too often, what appears to be a computer problem turns out to actually be a management problem, with no simple technical “fix”. Even the most skillful IT experts, inside or outside the company, can miss the solution entirely by setting their focus too narrowly. You’ve seen it a dozen times. Here’s how to prevent it from happening again.

Sometimes What You Need Is A Management Consultant.

C3 Business Solutions can help. Because we were management consultants in the Big 4 and other top firms before we became Oracle Applications experts, we always start with big-picture analysis. If we see that a purely technical approach won’t solve your problem, we will tell you so quickly and help strategize the next move.

Training & Education Los Angeles, Orange County CA

Effective training unlocks the true power of your Oracle Applications system. But how much training is enough? Should training be delivered in the classroom, in online modules, or through printed manuals and/or online help screens? Is there an ideal combination of methods?

At C3 Business Solutions in Southern California, appropriate training is an integral part of every implementation plan. We can help plan and deliver cost-effective training for all your new or existing Oracle Applications functions. Training is customized to your needs and budget and can be delivered to any level of your organization.

Let C3 Design Training To Fit Your Need … Before You Need It.

  • Training For IT professionals: C3 will work with your top and mid-level IT professionals on new implementations, modules and upgrades, enabling them to handle required adjustments and maintenance.
  • Custom Oracle Applications module training: C3 will also work with your functional area staff (accounting, manufacturing, operations, distribution, etc.), training them in Oracle modules they need, before those systems “go live.”
  • Train the Trainer: For staffing peaks and heavy seasonal hiring, the most efficient training solution may be for C3 to first train your own corporate training staff who in turn train front-line employees.

If you are from Los Angeles, Orange County, Southern California; let’s talk about training & education. Call C3 Business Solutions today.

Traditional And Rapid Methodologies For Implementing Oracle Applications

C3i Methodology - The Traditional Approach

The C3 Business Solutions "Traditional" implementation methodology, developed over the years and known as C3i, focuses on thorough business analysis with user involvement, detailed scope definition and a collaborative user preparation and roll-out. C3i provides a truly value-driven approach. Every project is different, but all follow the same evolution.

Implementation Strategy Phase

Create the project plan, from goals through work plan, project management, training, organization and staffing, and related projects.

Operation Analysis

Requirements analysis, fit/gap analysis, initial issue identification, and scope definition.

Solution Design

Configuration documentation, extension design, user validation and scope, check-point.

Solution Build

Configuration, code creation, unit testing, script creation and user validation.

Document and Train

Finalize configuration, code and user training, documentation.


Cut-over preparation, user training, user procedure definition, final User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and issue resolution.

Go Live

Product Launch (Go Live) and Support.

C3iR Methodology - The Rapid Approach

For many implementation projects, it pays to adopt the more streamlined approach: the C3 "Rapid" implementation or C3iR methodology. The main difference for the accelerated method is that almost all industry specific setup and data is loaded prior to any validation by users. Thus we are able to use a single iteration of setup and testing to Go Live.


Prepare project strategy, train super-users in Oracle Accelerator and process flows.


Specify and collect configuration data, perform accelerated setup and initial testing.


Build any needed personalizations or customizations, convert data, review customer-facing documents.


Heavy testing of the software in a Conference Room Pilot.


Prepare user documentation, train end users, create cut-over plan and Go Live.

C3 Upgrade Methodology

C3 Upgrade Diagram

Optio Software Support In Orange County, Los Angeles, Southern California

Do You Need Support Services For Your Optio Software?

C3 Business Solutions has been helping Optio customers for over a decade to: implement, upgrade, troubleshoot, and creatively enhance the following Optio products:

  • Designer
  • Design Studio
  • e.ComIntegrate
  • e.ComPresent
  • Print Manager
  • Reprint

C3 Business Solutions also supports the following Bottomline products:

  • Create Form
  • Print Manager

C3 Business Solutions is located in Orange County, CA and would be happy to help resolve any implementation, integration, or design issues remotely or on-site. Contact us today!