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Finally… Oracle Consultants Who Understand Your Industry

Imagine using enterprise software implemented by people who already understand your industry and your business. You don’t need to teach them the ropes (or pay the tab while they learn). Industry-savvy consultants implement faster, more effectively, and at lower cost. Our consultants at C3 Business Solutions have in-depth experience in a broad range of industries. Here is just a sampling.

See how C3 helped themselves reduce the time to invoice from five days to less the two, a 60% improvement.

Don’t see your industry on this list? We have done hundreds of Oracle E-Business Suite implementations for companies of all kinds and sizes. Find out how our experience can benefit you. Call or email C3 Business Solutions today!


How C3 helped a hardware seller get a handle on its finances.

Our client is a business-to-business supplier of high quality latches, hinges, hasps, pull knobs, handles, and cam locks. They also have light manufacturing and assembly capabilities. Their computer system was a decade-old patchwork that could not support future growth. Within months, C3 provided a custom commission tracking application, a project management system, customer and vendor self-service reporting, a sales analysis tool and more. We followed up with upgrades through Oracle EBS Release 12.


How C3 got an aerospace parts supplier 5 miles high.

Building critical metal parts like seamless rolled rings and open die forgings for jet engines, aerospace, and the power industry, our client needed the competitive edge of up-to-date manufacturing software. C3 provided Oracle 11i modules for financials, distribution, and manufacturing. We also implemented the entire system on Sun Microsystems hardware.

Financial Services

Why a bank with a special mission put its faith in C3.

Serving the many members and congregations of a growing faith community, this Southern California credit union had its banking software well under control. What they needed help with was running the credit union’s own business. C3 implemented the core Oracle financial modules, then added custom forms/interfaces to bring together cash management functionality between Oracle and the existing OSI banking system. C3 also completed a successful Oracle upgrade to 11i.


C3 hauls a trucking company into the 21st century.

When our client was founded 25 years ago, they were just a trucking company. Today they have become an asset-based, third party, single-source logistics company and needed software to match their position in an intensely competitive, even cutthroat industry. C3 delivered Oracle 11i modules to help them track their financials, their people, their vehicles and their customers.


C3 helps a manufacturer satisfy the world’s pickiest customers.

The aircraft industry is dominated by a few gigantic companies, so suppliers go the extra mile to keep customers like Boeing happy. Our client makes electrical contacts, cabin systems wiring harnesses, and other electrical/electronic parts for the big jets. C3 Business Solutions implemented the Oracle financial, distribution, and manufacturing modules. Order Entry customizations were essential to accommodating their business process, including entering customer item numbers into orders, and tracking extra order information through the entire order cycle. C3 also developed a custom first-in first-out auto-backflush manufacturing modification, custom sales analysis tools, and complicated cash forecasting models.

Garments & Textiles

C3 helps organize a million square foot closet.

Wholesaling everything from hospital scrubs to restaurant linens to bathroom accessories, a billion-dollar company had outgrown its computers, which literally could not even report seven-figure revenues, They needed to keep track of everything in a million square feet of warehouse space in multiple locations, and keep thousands of diverse customers supplied. We implemented Oracle E-Business Suite, established standard costing, created a system to track special pricing for thousands of customers, and streamlined business practices across the organization. The complex solution involved Oracle 11i, customer reports and forms, EDI data conversion and much more, resulting in vastly reduced accounting and administrative costs and higher profits.

High Technology

How C3 helped a high-tech company count its chips.

The fastest, most competitive business in the world maybe getting a new chip to market. Our client knew how to manufacture “fabless” electronic components for computing, communications and instrumentation. But they came to C3 for their business systems. C3 implemented Oracle 11i Financials, Distribution and Manufacturing modules on a hosted Oracle On Demand Linux environment. To get the system up and running, we also performed data conversation, designed customer reports and forms, and did testing.

Medical Devices

Machines that save lives, delivered on time thanks to C3.

Our client builds medical devices, selling them through hospital supply channels and also direct to consumers. No industry is more regulated for safety and privacy than medical device manufacturing. Accounting and customer records systems must be not only accurate and responsive but also compliant, transparent and private. C3 had just what the doctor ordered: Oracle 11i Financials, Distribution, Manufacturing and CRM modules, along with Data Conversion, Testing, and Custom Reports and Forms, all implemented on Linux.

Wholesale Distribution

Small business cleans up nationwide, with help from C3.

Founded in 1922 to sell cleaning supplies, our client had grown into a contract packaging and distribution company for vacuums, floor polishers and carpet cleaners, with all the accessories and supplies. Today their name-brand products are sold by large and small consumer stores nationwide. Rapid growth and obsolete systems—mostly desktop spreadsheets—had made it nearly impossible to track inventory and had made order fulfillment a costly nightmare. C3’s implementation of Oracle 11i immediately provided real-time reporting on customer orders, detailed control of two giant warehouses 3000 miles apart, and expedited inbound order processing.

See how C3 helped themselves reduce the time to invoice from five days to less then two, a 60% improvement.