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Do you need an experienced Oracle Application Consultant?


Experienced Business Consultants

At C3 Business Solutions, we’re business people first and software people second. With experience as management consultants in the Big Four and other top firms, we always start with the big picture. We analyze your business procedures and create a strategy to resolve the issue.

Local to Our Customers

Serving Southern California*, C3 Business Solutions has the experience and expertise to effectively consult on Oracle Applications and ensure you have a system that fits your company’s unique needs. We have decades of business and Oracle Application knowledge on new versions, modules and the integrations.

*While we primarily serve Southern California, we work with select customers in other regions and states. If your business is outside of Southern California, contact us to learn more about our criteria.

Long-Term Partner

Implementation is only the first step in your Oracle Applications investment. Eventually, your software will require an upgrade. You may also need support, either on demand or, on an ongoing basis. It's important you have a reliable business relationship that is committed to your organization's success. As your trusted, long-term partner, we can extend your IT organization to ensure your Oracle Applications run smoothly and minimize any down time today and tomorrow.

Business Consulting

All too often, what appears to be a computer problem turns out to actually be a management problem, with no simple technical “fix”. Even the most skillful IT experts, inside or outside the company, can miss the solution entirely by setting their focus too narrowly. You’ve seen it a dozen times. Here’s how to prevent it from happening again.

Cloud Support

The C3 Business Solutions Power Maintenance Plan with remote ‘Cloud’ (or sometime onsite support) helps our small to mid-sized businesses put their full energy into running their business, while we focus on keeping the Oracle Applications system available, secure and up–to–date. Design your own unique service plan of Oracle Applications support options at affordable monthly rates.

Custom Development

If your Oracle Applications no longer fits as well as it should, or your enterprise has new requirements, custom development by C3 Business Solutions may be the answer. C3 can make a precision fitting solution quickly and efficiently.

DBA Services

DBAs with the knowledge, experience and judgment to do a good job are not easy to find … or to keep. When your DBA needs outrun your in-house staff, why not ask C3 for a custom-tailored solution to your need for DBA services?


No two implementations are exactly the same and they are never routine. Our proven methodology ensures your implementation runs smoothly and in a timely manner.


Every project is different, but all follow the same evolution. The C3 “Rapid” implementation methodology was developed over the years and is known as C3iR. The main difference for our Rapid method is forming a strong customer partnership and following the method sequence specifically, one-time (don’t pass to the next phase until ALL is ready).  This value-driven approach works!

Operational Changes

When major architecture changes are necessary (e.g. a new Operating Unit or Warehouse) or if a complex model was installed without any return on value (e.g. too many Warehouses), we can help you design & make the change to your Oracle Applications without reimplementing.

Optio Software Support

C3 Business Solutions has been helping Optio customers for over a decade to: implement, upgrade, troubleshoot, and creatively enhance their Optio solutions

Training & Education

Effective training unlocks the true power of your Oracle Applications system. But how much training is enough? Should training be delivered in the classroom, in online modules, or through printed manuals and/or online help screens? Is there an ideal combination of methods?