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Our Business is to Make Your Business Better

We Make Oracle Applications Work For You

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C3 Business Solutions implements Oracle Applications for a wide range of small to mid-sized companies. Many of our solutions may be found in the Oracle Solutions Catalog. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, we understand the business challenges you are facing and understand how to help you using a proven, step-by-step methodology.

Why Choose C3 Business Solutions?

Our clients consistently point to three advantages of working with us:

Depth of Experience

We earned our position of trust with the world’s largest software company by providing powerful solutions and excellent service. We deliver value-added business solutions, not slammed in software. We will not sacrifice our integrity and honesty for profit.

Functional Area Expertise

Our consultants are business people first and software specialists second. Knowledge sharing creates improved products, educated consultants and highly functional businesses. Project efficiency increases both our clients’ and C3’s bottom line.

Southern California Focused

To better serve you, we prefer to work with clients located or headquartered in Southern California*. Our consultants work locally to ensure your budget is primarily utilized to make improvements to your computer system, instead of travel expenses.

*While we primarily serve Southern California, we work with select customers in other regions and states. If your business is outside of Southern California, contact us to learn more about our criteria.

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