Operational Changes

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Heading layer
Heading layer

Are Your Oracle Applications Changing With Your Business?


Oracle applications are a big investment that greatly effects how your business operates. When major architecture changes are necessary or if a complex model was installed without any return on value, it can be a costly change.

Operational questions may include:

  • Can we add an operating unit to our existing Oracle installs?
  • Can we change or add an accounting ledger?
  • Can we implement a shared service model?
  • Can we consolidate our business units to simplify?
  • Can we spin off a business unit for sales or management reasons?
  • Did I make it too complex?
  • Do I need to change the way it works?
  • Do we need to remove or add departments or businesses?

Fortunately, you can make vast changes to your configuration without re-implementing your software.

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