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We provide a series of development tools to help support your needs.

Point Solution Issue Solved Solution Description
C3 Oracle User Documentation Need user documentation tailored your unique use of the Oracle Applications. Templated user documentation that is tailored to your unique business processes.
C3 Customer Information Summary Need to see customer history and master data in one place. View various aspects of the customer in one form including: Buying History, Credit & Addresses.
C3 Vendor Performance Inquiry No intelligence on vendor performance. Displays vendor performance data by item or vendor.
C3 Pending Dashboard Need a central place to view and drill down on all pending transactions Delivers a single form for viewing and resolve all pending transactions from sub-ledger modules (e.g. AP, AR, Inventory, WIP, Shipping and GL).
C3 Item Information Screen (Discrete & OPM Versions) Laborious effort to view item supply, demand, history, pricing and other item data. Consolidates item data into one easy to read screen with organized tabs for all the item specific data you desire.
C3 Data Loaders Need a template way to load master records Centralize loader tool for loading master record data (e.g. items, costs, boms, routings, customers and vendors) into multiple instances from templates.
C3IQ Need rapid web based reporting and data entry functions/features. By utilizing Oracle Application Express, C3IQ allows users to rapidly develop reports and forms.
C3 Point of Sale Require a POS solution that fully integrates with an Oracle Applications without redundant master data. Full touch screen POS that directly integrates and leverages Oracle Applications functionality in Inventory and AR.
C3MI Need mobile intelligence for your PDA not already delivered by Oracle Delivers mobile intelligence screens for sales and executives to track customer orders and inquire on inventory availability while meeting with customers in the field


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