Architecture Changes

C3 has been supporting customers for two decades now. Many of our customers have had a major operational change that requires application changes, or they initially implemented a too complex model and never received the value. The good news is that with Oracle Applications, you can make vast changes in the configuration without re-implementing your software.


C3 offers a unique blend of services, time-tested tools, and at-your-convenience scheduling allowing you to tailor the type of services for a “Perfect Fit” to your business. We realize your Oracle business priorities are different and dynamic, and require a “Perfect Fit” solution.

C3 offers a team of people to perform setups, processes, or technical assessments as needed. We assemble a team of our most experienced people to analyze the desired area(s) and report its results. Assessments are usually done over a 1 or 2 week period and focus on finding 80% of the issues.

Business Consulting

All too often, what appears to be a computer problem turns out to actually be a management problem, with no simple technical “fix”. Even the most skillful IT experts, inside or outside the company, can miss the solution entirely by setting their focus too narrowly. You’ve seen it a dozen times. Business Consulting to uncover the root cause and a possible business process change is what we often find.

Cloud Support

The C3 Business Solutions Power Maintenance Plan with remote ‘Cloud’ (or sometime onsite support) helps our small to mid-sized businesses put their full energy into running their business, while we focus on keeping the Oracle Applications system available, secure and up–to–date. Design your own unique service plan of Oracle Applications support options at affordable monthly rates.