C3 Customer - 20th Century Fox
C3 Customer - Activision
C3 Customer - CollectOne
C3 Customer - Digital Domain 3.0
C3 Customer - Edmunds
C3 Customer - Guidance Software
C3 Customer - Kelley Blue Book
C3 Customer - Novatel Wireless, Inc.
C3 Customer - ProShip
C3 Customer - Qualcomm
C3 Customer - ReachLocal
C3 Customer - Target Solutions

The Information sector are organizations who engage in distributing information or data via communications, as defined by NAICS. This includes publishing industries, software, motion picture and sound recording, broadcasting, telecommunications, web search portals and information services.

Typical Modules: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets and Cash Management. Order Management, Advanced Pricing, Procurement, Configurator, Inventory, Shipping, Channel/Trade Management, EDI, Payment Manager and iStore. Contact Management, Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Forecast Management, Incentive Compensation, CRM Intelligence and Marketing.