C3 Customer - Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc
C3 Customer - American Lighting
C3 Customer - Data Direct Networks
C3 Customer - Dexcom
C3 Customer - eBioscience
C3 Customer - Edelbrock
C3 Customer - Firman Power Equipment
C3 Customer - Gavina Gourmet Coffee
C3 Customer - Goodwin
C3 Customer - Inphi
C3 Customer - Nature's Life
C3 Customer - Obagi Medical
C3 Customer - Sierra Pacific
C3 Customer - Spaulding Equipment Company
C3 Customer - Sweda
C3 Customer - Tivoli, LLC
C3 Customer - Tri-Star
C3 Customer - Universal Electronics International
C3 Customer - Universal Molding Company
C3 Customer - Western Tube

The Manufacturing sector as organizations who engage in mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products, as defined by NAICS. This also includes establishments that assemble component parts except in cases where the activity is labeled as Construction.

Typical Modules: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets and Cash Management. Order Management, Advanced Pricing, Procurement, Configurator, Inventory, Shipping, Channel/Trade Management, EDI, Payment Manager and iStore. Bill of Materials, Work in Process, Procurement, Sourcing, Inventory, Advance Supply Chain Planning, Quality, Cost Management, Engineering Product Lifecycle Management and Manufacturing Intelligence. Project Costing, Project Billing, Resource Management, Project Management, Time & Labor and Project Intelligence.